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  • Environmental booms
    Solutions for a
    sustainable environment

    Environmental booms

    Permanent debris booms from Bolina are deployed on rivers, canals, water reservoirs, etc. to collect or deflect floating debris at all sort of water intakes

  • Maritime solutions
    Solutions for a
    sustainable environment

    Maritime solutions

    Product procurement and services in all phases of coastal and maritime project developments, infrastructure, and coastal protection

  • Flooding solutions
    Solutions for a
    sustainable environment

    Flooding solutions

    Flood barriers provide temporary flood protection in the event of calamities such as floods, dike breaks, high tide, and protect people, the environment and infrastructure based on a simple principle: damming water with water.

  • Hydro power
    Solutions for a
    sustainable environment

    Hydro power

    Starting from study to design up to construction and exploitation, AQWatt provides the necessary know-how to turn your project into a successful and sustainable hydroelectric power station or watermill.

About us

All change is difficult, but every small stone we manage to shift in the stream is a step towards a sustainable hydrological regime. Joining forces is the right way forward: it is all about research, thinking out of the box, delivering innovative solutions and above all actually DOING, across the borders, working in tandem with quality partners!


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