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Containment booms

Bolina Booms’ floating containment booms are used as added visual signalling on waterways, but even more importantly, they are able to keep boats and vessels that have gone adrift away from dangerous locations such as weirs and locks.

They are made up of cylindrical floats which, depending on the application, are linked by chains, cables or metal pipes so as to build a contiguous ensemble. A pile driver is used to drive them into in or onto the banks with piles to make sure water level fluctuations are not a problem. The floats are filled with foam, which makes them practically unsinkable. Even if damaged as a result of an impact on the outer shell they remain buoyant, thanks to the specific foam.

Because of their round shape, the floats do not actually stop floating debris, which goes underneath the floats. However, the containment booms can be installed in combination with Bolina Booms’ floating debris booms.


  • Keeping ships and pleasure crafts away from hazardous situations at weirs, sanitary sewer overflows, locks.
  • Shielding natural areas and spawning grounds so they cannot be accessed by (motor) boats.
  • Ensuring the military, political or civil protection of ships in ports or securing them against intruders and unauthorised outsiders.

Specific features:

  • User-friendly assembly and very robust materials
  • Practically unsinkable, even after an impact
  • Automatic level adjustment thanks to the pile drivers
  • Tried and tested chain systems and anchorings
  • The floats are available in various colours and markings, as are the signal lights.
  • Bolina Booms’ debris booms do not require any maintenance and are particularly durable. The first booms have been in situ in the water for over 20 years.

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