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Geosynthetic reinforcements

Ecocoast reinforcements in geotextiles are used in bank reinforcements, an efficient means of combating erosion, as breakwaters or floor barriers, weir and dyke elevations or in the case of land reclamation works and the building of all manner of (temporary) maritime constructions. Both in freshwater in the interior and in saltwater along the coast and in ports, they bring sustainable added value.

Numerous successful installations have demonstrated Ecocoast’s know-how and experience with the use of geosynthetic reinforcements. The application, location and environmental parameters combine to determine the most efficient and most sustainable solution. In all cases, a bespoke design is produced, tailored to the customer’s intended purpose and checked by way of a hydro-dynamic mathematical model devised by Ecocoast.

Ecobags are more than just plain old sandbags. They are made from a sustainable geotextile and are virtually indestructible. The construction adapts to the bedding, with which it goes on to make up a whole. Especially when using the geotextile Ecotubes, completely conjoined constructions are created that will withstand the most extreme conditions.

Ecocoast’s Ecobags and Ecotubes are also used for dewatering purposes, to separate mud and sludge, whereby the water is naturally drained from the geotextile.
Geosynthetische versterkingen

Specific features:

  • Durable and robust material
  • Bears up to extreme conditions
  • Free calculation module and design prior to installation
  • Custom-built and perfectly tailored to the environment
  • May be deployed temporarily or permanently
  • Offshore sea defences

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