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About us

Headquartered in Hasselt, AQWatt was incorporated in 2009. Our area of expertise covers all technologies to do with water management – AQUA. The combination with energy – WATT – is never far away. Obviously water can be used to generate electrical power. But controlling and managing this water also demands a fair amount of energy. Over and above our expertise in the generation of energy, AQWatt’s mastery of water management is every bit as important. The two are inextricably linked. Together they make for a potent combination that delivers sustainable solutions. Debris in the waterways (‘the plastic soup’), hydraulic engineering works, excess water or water shortages, fish migration and water quality are the basic angles from which AQWATT approaches your projects and queries, in order to come up with long-term solutions.

Modern-day life has become unimaginable without energy and we certainly cannot do without water.

Our vision

Over the centuries, the human impact on water resources has dramatically increased. Rarely so in harmony with nature. Climate change has been a wake-up call for all of us and prompted a renewed focus of attention on our planet. All change is difficult, but every small stone we manage to shift in the stream is a step towards a sustainable hydrological regime. Joining forces is the right way forward: it is all about research, thinking out of the box, delivering innovative solutions and above all actually DOING, across the borders, working in tandem with quality partners!

Our mission

Making the exceptional happen and providing smart solutions to our local communities by working closely with national and international knowledge partners. Technical innovations and developments engineered with full transparency and in mutual respect are the cornerstones in coming up with continuous improvements in a fast changing world.

Pure water for sustainable life.

Innovation by working with nature, not against nature.


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