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Weed cleaners and debris gratings

Inside hydroelectric power plants, debris gratings are required to protect the water wheels or turbines against floating debris and to prevent fish from ingressing by putting in place fine-meshed gratings. Weed screens are indispensable at pumping stations, water collectors, water treatment installations, drinking water plants, etc. to stave off floating debris and to act as an added protection barrier. Bar interspaces down as little as just 5 mm are available to prevent the ingress of fish and other aquatic fauna as part of the water intake and other installations further up the processing chain.

The more fine-meshed the weed screen or debris grating, the better the protection. However, this also means the more floating debris is collected up against these gratings. The manual cleaning of the debris gratings is doable only in case of very small or private installations. Modern weed cleaners on the other hand clean the bars fully automatically and autonomously dump the floating debris that has been scraped off into a skip.
Thanks to level sensors which detect the amount of debris, camera surveillance and full skip alerts a standalone, automated weed cleaner has become unmissable for installations that operate around the clock.

Both horizontal and vertical bars and cleaners are available, ranging from just 1 metre up to more than 10 to 15 metres deep where telescopic arms are used. Thanks to its savoir-faire and longstanding experience with water engineering, German company Lukas Anlagenbau invariably comes up with an appropriate solution. Minor adjustments to tried and tested concepts deliver custom-built and cost-efficient solutions.

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