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Oil containment booms

Ecocoast’s oil containment booms are used in hydraulic engineering works involving ‘heavy equipment’ and a real risk of oil leaks. As a preventive oil containment boom to cordon off dredging operations, bore holes, earthworks and such like, this floating oil containment barrier will contain the oil pollution. Even in case of comparatively high waves, the oil remains inside the barriers, after which it can be pumped up or absorbed.

The oil containment boom is made up of 20 to 30-metre sections and comes in heights of up to 1.5 metres. The booms are linked together using dedicated ASTM end plates. They are easily fitted, secured into place and even detached in water. Once chained together, the different length sections are fitted with ground anchors or ballasts to keep them in the desired shape and position around the area where the works are being carried out. The material from which the ‘oil containment booms’ are made is resistant to oil and chemicals and contains UV stabilisers. In doing so, the boom is used to create a closed loop bellows or tube which, thanks to the integrated floats, acts like an autonomous float.
Ecocoast’s oil containment booms can also be used to stop floating debris or rubble in port or quayside works, or as a temporary boom against non-native species, blue-green algae or other aquatic plants.

Specific features:

  • Oil resistant and UV stabilised
  • Quick assembly - swiftly adjusted after installation
  • Visual and efficient boom in case of oil or other pollution
  • May be deployed for temporary assignments and is reusable
  • May be used in water basins, waterways, along the seaside and offshore

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