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Temporary dams and flood dykes

Alongside the human suffering and the impact on the environment, each year floods mean millions of euros in costs for local communities. No matter how hard we try to contain and manage the water, nature remains fickle and wily, with unexpected weather conditions potentially causing undesirable situations. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but the construction or reinforcement of existing weirs and dykes takes a huge amount of time, at a point in time we can no longer afford such luxury.

The ingenious design of the NoFloods Water Tube Barriers by Danish company Environment Solutions as a temporary dam, is fast and efficient. With a minimum of training for Fire Service or Civil Defence Corps staff, 4 people can roll out over 1 km of barrier in just 4 hours’ time. Which obviously bears no comparison to placing sandbags in emergency situations.
The NoFloods barriers act as a temporary high water protection dam in case of calamities such as floods, dyke breaches, spring tide or high water, and serve to protect man, the environment and infrastructures based on a simple principle: containing water with water.
In their standard configuration, the NoFloods tubes are capable of stopping 80 cm of water. In the double version as much as 1m10. They can be used in linkable 200-metre sections to bridge several kilometres. Thanks to their flexible shape, they automatically adapt to the sea or river bed and limit the amount of leakage water to the fullest possible extent.

Environment Solutions’ NoFloods tubes can also be used to create a water basin for instance, or to drain a bank or a brook for ground works or cabling operations. A fully-fledged and efficient way to set up a temporary dam or drain bodies of water without time consuming and labour-intensive sheet piling or the need for a great deal of earth being moved.

The NoFloods technology was extensively tested and certified by various departments qualified to deliver a response in case of emergency situations, such as the French Sécurité Civile. The technology was also singled out for praise by the Philippine NDRRMC-OCD (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council – Office of Civil Defense) with the PRODUCT ACCREDITATION & ENDORSEMENT EVALUATION CERTIFICATE AND RECOMMENDATION for high water protection and to deliver a response to oil leaks.

Specific features:

  • May be deployed for preventive as well curative purposes
  • Flexible, quick and easy
  • May be deployed in sections measuring 200 metres each – and be constantly expanded
  • Lowest weight per metre for deployment – 3 kg dry and 2350 kg filled
  • 4 people can deploy 1000 metres in less than 4 hours
  • Standard sections retain 80 cm of water
  • May be deployed on all sorts of surfaces
  • Automatically adapt to the topography and the river bed
  • Take up very little storage space
  • Sustainable courtesy of reuse
  • May be configured as a water basin
  • May be used a temporary sheet piling for drainage and hydraulic engineering works

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